About Us

Our History
Bushbow 3D Targets was founded by the Keith Speight family in Nanango QLD in 2005. Keith has over 50 years Archery experience and put this experience into the development into the Generation one products. With further R&D and feedback from clubs and customers 18 months ago Keith developed the Generation two products. Keith and his family have invested hundreds of hours of refinement and testing to develop a truly world class product.

In Oct 2013 Gavin Matthews and family acquired the Bushbow 3D Targets business from the Speight's, and moved the business from Nanango to Sydney.

In 2016 Bushbow 3D was purchased by the Fent Family and relocated to Melbourne to expand its range and continue to grow the business. The entire Bushbow range is now made in a temperature controlled environment to ensure the best quality targets available on the market today. All targets are made in our factory in Melbourne. Bushbow 3D is proudly Australian owned and made.

Today we offer a wide range of Archery Targets, Rifle Targets, Bows, Arrows, Broad heads and Accessories.

Our Future
Our vision is to continue to grow and promote the Bushbow 3D brand. Bushbow 3D has a strong customer following in QLD, NSW and Victoria and is continuing to expand its distribution base throughout the country. We want to share our great product range with each and every archer in the country. We want to ensure Archers have access to affordable top quality 3D targets made by Australian Archers for Australian conditions. Bushbow 3D supports local archery clubs with sponsorship, Club discounts and discounts for club members. If you run an archery club or are helping to grow a club we want to help. Contact us for more information.